Corporate Social Responsibility


We believe that it is essential for us to implement social corporate responsibility. Society needs constant improvement and growth in promoting quality of life, human morality, social stability, equality for all, and environmental protection, hoping that all people get healthy environment to work.

Our Firm is similar to society; besides earning profit and giving job opportunities, understanding our role in helping the whole society grow. We strive for a motivating environment where creativity and effectiveness are encouraged thus inculcating a high performance work culture

Finecure continues to develop new functional care items for women, aged, poor and disabled people.

We strive to:

  • Inculcate and follow sincere and honest company philosophy and obey morality norms, and protect intellectual property and privacy.
  • Maximize profits with respect to investors, suppliers to make everyone win.
  • Always work constantly for society and public welfare.
  • Always follow protocols to keep our working environment safe.​