The prduct cntains: Vitamin B cmplex, Vitamin C and Minerals like Zinc and cpper.

Vitamin B cmplex, Vitamin B1 has anti-xidant actin. Vitamin B2 (Ribflavin) regulates xidatin reductin bichemical reactin. It als makes it pssible fr xygen t be used by ur bdy. Vitamin B3 imprves Brain functins. Vitamin B5 has Radiprtective and Adaptgen effects. Vitamin B6 helps in the synthesis f the Neurtransmitters sertnin and Nrepinephrine and fr Myelin frmatin. Vitamin B12 helps in the prductin f red bld cells, helps keep the Nervus system running smthly.

Vitamin C is ne f many antixidants. Antixidants blck the damage caused by free radicals, which are by-prducts that are prduced when bdy transfrms fd int energy.

Minerals, Zinc mdulates brain excitability and its hmestasis is essential in nrmal functining f the brain and central nervus system. Cpper als helps t maintain brain functin.

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Product Specification

Product Description

Vitamin C ​15mg
​Vitamin B-1 4.5mg
​Vitamin B-2   5.1mg​
​Vitamin B-3 60mg
​​Vitamin B-6 ​6mg
​Vitamin B-12 2mcg
​Vitamin B-5 30mg
​Zinc 40mcg
​Copper ​0.08mcg
​- -


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