The product contains: Bilberry Extract, Blueberry Extract, EyeBright Herb and lutein.

Bilberry Extract contains antioxidant Anthocyanosides that prevents eye blood vessel Hemorrhage and Strengthens blood cells. It is rich in vitamins A and C that are important for eye health. It prevents destruction of cornea.

Blueberry Extract acts as an Anti-oxidants. It is effective in fighting the free radicals responsible for Macular degeneration and other eye disorders.

Eyebright herb has been useful in eye infections or vision problems.

Lutein is a powerful Antioxidant. It plays a role in decreasing the risk of cataract. Helps in maintaining cell health and helps in getting rid of extracellular growth associated with macular degeneration.

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​​Bilberry Extract 88mg
Anthocyanidins 22mg
Blueberry Extract 50mg
Eyebright Herb 50 mg
Lutein 25mg

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