ANTI-BIOTICS / ANTI-BACTERIAL Our Antibiotic and Antibacterial segment includes  wide range of products like Macrolides, Penicilli… Find More Information
ANTACID / ANTIULCERANTS / ANTI-GERD Our Antacid range manufactured by use of latest technology gives prompt relieve in heartburn or indi… Find More Information
PRE AND PRO BIOTICS Various positive health benefits are the result of our Pre and pro biotic products. Products show ef… Find More Information
ENZYME PREPARATIONS Enzyme preparations we provide contain range of products which includes pepsin and fungal diastase w… Find More Information
ANTI-OBESITY DRUGS Anti Obesity agent we offer is having potent effect on obese people to reduce fat.  It is ideal drug… Find More Information
ANTI-ARTHRITIC, ANTI-INFLAMMATORY AND ANTI-PYRETICS We supply wide range products which treat Arthritis, Inflammation and Fever. Our products show power… Find More Information
PROTEOLYTICS Serratiopeptidase containing  Proteolytic products  effectively breakdown proteins into simpler, sol… Find More Information
ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, our two products TADEGRA and FINEGRA help to decrease probl… Find More Information
ANTI-ALLERGICS / ANTI-COLD Our effective anti cold products relieves cold symptoms including nasal congestion, headache and fev… Find More Information
COUGH-SUPPRESSANTS Broad range of tablets and syrups as Cough suppressants have being manufactured by us which gives re… Find More Information
HORMONES Hormones we offer contain natural supplements that help patients to place their hormones back in bal… Find More Information
FERTILITY DRUGS Our Fertility drug remains the primary treatment for women with ovulation disorders. This medication… Find More Information
OINTMENTS / LOTIONS /SHAMPOO Medicated gel and cream we offer is efficacious for skin infections, inflammation and pain which hel… Find More Information
EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVES We offer potent emergency contraceptive prevents pregnancy by temporarily blocking eggs from being p… Find More Information
ANTI- HAEMORRHAGICS Standard Haemostatic Agents manufactured by Finecure is used to treat hemorrhagic problem effectivel… Find More Information
ANTI-EMETICS / ANTI NAUSEANTS Antiemetic and antinauseants category contains range of products which is indicated for the preventi… Find More Information
ANTI - ASTHMATICS We offer potent anti asthmatic products which are having great ability to reduce wheeze, breathlessn… Find More Information
ALKALISER Our Alkaliser agent Citrakul is effective and pure which is having great anti oxidant effect. Being … Find More Information
ANTI-FILARIASIS Anthelimintic drug Flary Forte effectively reduces parasites without any side effects and shows grea… Find More Information
ANTI FUNGAL Anti fungal product contains unique combination which provides potent effect on fungus and Eliminate… Find More Information
APPETIZER Appetizer product APPET includes combination of Tricholine citrate and Cyproheptadine. It is having … Find More Information
ANTI AGING Our Anti Aging agents effectively protect against free-radical reaction, reduces oxidative stress, B… Find More Information
ANTI-OXIDANTS Anti oxidant agent we offer is effective in preventing cell damage caused by free radicals faster. O… Find More Information
HAEMATINICS Haematinics products we offer effectively help to restore complete Haematinic support. These wide ra… Find More Information
MULTI VITAMINS & MULTINUTRITIONALS Multivitamin and Multinutritional segment contains wide range of products as capsules, tablets and s… Find More Information
HEPATO-PROTECTIVE (LIVER SUPPLEMENT) We offer ideal Liver supplement which contains Antihepatotoxic properties that protect liver cells a… Find More Information
CARDIAC DRUGS Our Cardiac segments contain wide range of products which include different categories such as Cardi… Find More Information
ANTI-DIABETIC DRUGS Anti-Diabetic products we offer is having powerful combinations and products effectively lowers bloo… Find More Information
CNS DRUGS CNS category includes wide range of products such as Anti-Depressant, Anti-Maniac, Anti Psychotics, … Find More Information
ANTHELIMINTICS Our anthelimintic product shows greater potency and expels parasitic worms from body rapidly. Our pr… Find More Information
ANTI-NEURO-DEGENERATIVE We manufacture effective anti neurodegenerative product which is having very good tolerability and b… Find More Information
AYURVEDIC Ayurvedic product ALOEFINE is having great potency and no side effects. Containing accurate and mult… Find More Information
ANTI CONSTIPATION AND HEPATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY Lubricant LACTOLOOSE shows potential effect against constipation and hepatic encephalopathy which gi… Find More Information
IMMUNE BUILDERS We manufacture strong immune builder which keeps immune system stronger and- healthier. It is new wa… Find More Information